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Vaping Brand EDGE launches in the UK

Posted by Robinson Young on 23rd June 2017

E-Cigarette brand Edge has just been launched into the UK market, with Robinson Young securing a major listing with a national wholesale operator.

The first phase of launch is now well underway, with product being delivered to over 200 depots earlier this week.  The launch is being supported with highly visible in-store activity; 150 of the largest branches will feature free-standing display units, whilst smaller depots will sport branded shelf edge labels to promote the launch.  To ensure that everything is merchandised 100%, RY are utilising their team of territory managers to call on depots.

The second phase is also progressing well, with 3,500 fascia stores receiving a filled Edge counter display unit within the next month.

Michael Robinson, Managing Director of Robinson Young said “Vaping has grown continuously since it was launched in the UK back in 2005, with some forecasts predicting it could be a £1bn market this year.  Edge has a great positioning– a high quality, UK produced product at the right price point.  I would suggest that any CTN that doesn’t stock Vape looks at the Edge range – margins are much higher than tobacco and the outlay is cheaper too”.

The Edge range consists of 10 flavours of liquid in both 6 mg and 18 mg strengths.  A device and replacement coils will launch later in 2017.

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