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How does the Environmental Protection Regulations 2023 affect you?

The Catering Wholesale & Food service has seen huge change over the past few years. Whilst the majority of this has been down to social pressures, and customers and businesses wanting to reduce their impact on the environment, government and authorities have also introduced legislation to force the movement.

To read more about the legislation, press on the link below:

The EU launched the EU Single Use Plastics Directive, and whilst Ireland need to adhere to the directive, the other home nations are free to set their own path. 

Below you will find our summary of the requirements provided in the new legislation’s:

PolicyEnglandWalesScotlandNorthern Ireland
Ban single-use plastic cutlery, plates, straws & stirrers (including CPLA cutlery & PLA straws)Yes, from October 2023In force autumn 2023Yes, since 12 Aug 2022Yes since 2022
Ban expanded polystyrene food containers & cupsYes, from October 2023In force autumn 2023Yes, since 1 June 2022Yes since 2022
Ban all oxo-degradable plastics (PE & PP)NoIn force 2024NoYes since 2022
Turtle graphic on beverage cups containing plasticNoNoNoYes since 2022
Ban all polystyrene lids for cups or takeaway food containersNoIn force 2024NoNo

There is a misinterpretation that once a product is ‘on the market’ then this can be supplied. The legislation does state that an offence is committed if, “A person who, in the course of a business, supplies or offers to supply the goods”. If this is not followed, there are possible fines, so we recommend that you check what products are on your shelves or catalogues as soon as possible.

The great news for our customers, is that both our Caterpack and Caterpack Enviro products, are fully compliant to current legislation, and moved away from any banned products several months ago.