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Daymon Whitepaper | Covid-19 – The repurpose and Refocus of Retail

Our partner Daymon, the global expert in Private Brands released a white paper entitled ‘COVID-19 The Repurpose and Refocus of Retail’ focussing on the UK market.

The pandemic has impacted governments, industries and consumers alike. With things changing so drastically, now is the time to review retail strategy and the role of private brands within that strategy.

The paper examines consumer behaviours in order to stabilise and plan the post COVID-19 retail environment alongside the implications for Private Brand Management. It addresses findings on core categories for a Private Brand refocus, that must be paired with guiding principles that inspire, offer affordability and take into consideration long-term health and sustainability.

About Daymon: With 50 years of experience building successful private brand programs around the world, Daymon is the only solution provider that influences all aspects of private brand development, from strategy to execution to consumer engagement. Daymon’s unique approach helps drive retailers and brands set themselves apart through a full suite of best-in-class private brand development services, including: strategy, analytics and insights, product development, supplier development and management,, account management, and design and packaging.