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Caterpack Enviro Range Expansion – Wrapped Cutlery Sets

Cleanliness and hygiene have always been at the forefront of most restaurateurs’ minds, but with the current Covid-19 crisis, it’s now one of the consumers’ top concerns.

Single use disposables offer consumers ‘piece of mind’ and during the pandemic sales have risen sharply.  In addition, more customers are choosing (or having) to order takeaway.  Caterpack have introduced ‘wrapped cutlery sets’ – a wooden fork, knife and napkin wrapped in a kraft bag, meaning customers can rest assured that you’re taking hygiene seriously.  It also helps with both stock management and time

This new product follows on the back of Robinson Young’s history of bringing innovation to Catering Disposables – from launching compostable food boxes & plates over 15 years ago to being one of the first companies to stock paper straws. 

To discuss the range further and see how Robinson Young could help your business, please get in touch.