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ACE cleans up as the fastest growing brand in the laundry additive market!

Recent YTD sales data from Nielsen (last 12 months up to June ’22) reveals an impressive 14% increase in volume and 10% in value for ACE compared to the same period in 2021! In a category that experienced -2% decrease in volume and +4% growth in value, ACE is by far leading the way as the fastest growing brand.

In light of the current cost of living crisis, ACE is clearly a brand for the times and consumers resonate with its great value and great performance. It’s these key attributes that has meant ACE has become the only brand that is consistently driving double digit volume and value growth into the category over the past 6 and 12 months.

Heading into our 8th year of partnership, Robinson Young continues to elevate the sales, distribution and marketing for ACE in the UK and is truly committed to growing the brand’s success beyond expectations.

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