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Slavery and Human Trafficking Statement

Robinson Young is a UK dedicated large scale specialist distributor of non-food FMCG products. We provide a cost effective sales, marketing and distribution service for manufacturers from around the world of both branded and private label products for supply to multiple retailers, convenience stores, discount retailers, online retailers, pharmacies, wholesalers and food service operators across all key market channels. We are members of Sedex and also hold ISO 9001 accreditation. We have a WDA(H) for the storage and distribution of MHRA products


The company has 4 divisions

·         Household Division – household & kitchen consumables & disposables in laundry, cleaning, hygiene, food storage, and firelighters across both major brands & selected private label ranges

·         Healthcare Division – health & beauty products features high quality, established and successful brands, along with selected innovative brands and a few private label options

·         Catering Division – food service disposables & commodities including, cleaning, hygiene, janitorial products, as well as food prep & storage ranges used in all types of catering & food service operations

·         Stationery Division – key brands from the office products market and own label tapes for stationery, packaging & printed tapes


Warehousing, Logistics & Stock Management

  • 2 company, owned, managed and run UK warehouses, close to London and all major road links and ports
  • 25,000 square foot of storage space with 20,000 pallet stations
  • State of the art ERP control systems
  • Picking of multi-product pallets
  • Re-packing and stock re-work facilities
  • Facility to pick and pack small orders for mail and internet orders
  • Dedicated Customer Service team gives customer care
  • Delivery to over 2,000 locations using our contract carriers
  • EDI and computer-linked order processing
  • Forward demand planning and forecasting


Robinson Young has a standalone Policy on Preventing Hidden Labour Exploitation and the contents have been included below:

Robinson Young commits to developing and adopting a proactive approach to tackling hidden labour exploitation.

Hidden labour exploitation is exploitation of job applicants and workers by third party individuals or gangs other than the employer or labour provider including rogue individuals working within these businesses but without the knowledge of management.  It includes forced labour and human trafficking for labour exploitation; payment for work-finding services and work-related exploitation such as forced use of accommodation.  It is understood that it is often well hidden by the perpetrators with victims, if they perceive of themselves as such, reluctant to come forward.


Robinson Young shall:

  1. Designate appropriate managers to attend “Tackling Hidden Labour Exploitation” training and to have responsibility for developing and operating company procedures relevant to this issue.
  2. Accept that job finding fees are a business cost, and will not allow these to be paid by job applicants.  The Company will not use any individual or organisation to source and supply workers without confirming that workers are not being charged a work finding fee.
  3. Ensure that all staff responsible for directly recruiting workers are trained to be aware of issues around third party labour exploitation and signs to look for and have signed REC 017 Compliance Principles.
  4. Ensure that labour sourcing, recruitment and worker placement processes are under the control of trusted and competent staff members.
  5. Adopt a proactive approach to reporting suspicions of hidden worker exploitation to the Gangmasters Licensing Authority and police.
  6. Provide information on tackling “Hidden Labour Exploitation” to our workforce through workplace posters, and training as required.
  7. Encourage workers to report cases of hidden third party labour exploitation, provide the means to do so and investigate and act on reports appropriately.
  8. Positively encourage and support employees and agency workers to report such exploitation which may be occurring within their communities.
  9. Require labour providers and other organisations in the labour supply chain to adopt policies and procedures consistent with the above.


The company is not a manufacturer or processor and the main roles are either office based, field based (with our customers) or within our 2 warehouses. We have taken steps to ensure we have due diligence process in place in relation to slavery and human trafficking in our business and supply chain. These include:


  • The supplier Self Audit Questionnaire has a set of questions relating to slavery & human trafficking. This supplier SAQ is given to all our suppliers to complete as part of the Supplier Approval Process
  • Questionnaire relating to slavery & human trafficking for our employees to complete as part as their Induction Package
  • Agency workers complete the same questionnaire and return it to Robinson Young
  • Training for relevant personnel is undertaken in conjunction with ‘Stronger Together’ and we also receive regular newsletters from them
  • Working together with our customers to ensure conformance to their policies with regard to slavery and human trafficking