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Ethical Policy

Our commitment to socially responsible trading

Our Company supports the ethical trading initiative promoted by major businesses and development agencies which aims to raise employment standards and improve the conditions of workers in developing countries.  We do not ourselves operate production sites in developing countries, nor are we a major importer, so our scope for exerting pressure to bring about change is necessarily limited.  Nevertheless, we undertake to play our part in the initiative by endorsing the ETI’s principles on ethical trading, and seeking to work with those suppliers who can demonstrate a common commitment.

We believe that improvements in working terms and conditions can, and will, be achieved.  However, we also recognise the importance of ensuring that progress is achieved by co-operation, and by methods which are sensitive to, and respectful of, cultural differences.

Our socially responsible trading policy takes account of labour conditions, wages and hours of work and the human rights, welfare and health and safety of workers.  We oppose the exploitation of both adult and child workers and support the right to freedom of employment and of association.  We will take all reasonable steps to ensure that our products are sourced only from those suppliers who maintain satisfactory working conditions, pay a fair wage and, as a minimum, comply with the producer country’s labour and health and safety laws.