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Daymon and Robinson Young sign private label collaboration

Posted by twalmsley on 18th March 2020

Daymon and Robinson Young have joined forces to shake-up the private brand offering in the UK.
Daymon is well aware of today’s changing retail landscape and, with its proprietary tools, methodology and global knowledge and expertise, will partner with Robinson Young to introduce innovative private brand concepts to retailers.
The time when private brands followed or were simply a lower-cost version of a national product are gone. Today, private brand is one of the most powerful weapons for loyalty, differentiation and competitiveness for retailers. In fact, 53% of consumers say they shop at a store specifically for its private brands, according to a recent study by Daymon.
UK retailers are among the pioneers of private brands by taking their strategies a few steps further, segmenting private brand with out-of-the-box innovation and effective price pack architecture in order to use their products to differentiate and build their reputation.
As private brands evolve, future growth will go beyond food products and come from categories across the retail spectrum, including beauty and personal care, pet and household. Daymon’s private brand expertise and Robinson Young’s established relationships with key retailers and wholesalers in the UK market, lends to a natural partnership to exploit these emerging opportunities.

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